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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 22, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning, everybody. snow, sleet, and the morning drive. a direct hit on demetra reason of this storm. midmorning, washington -- a direct hit in this area with a storm. good morning, washington. >> we have the latest list of school closings. prince william county will be closed. >> anybody who has to head out of this morning, time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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cover meteorologist is here. good morning -- our meteorologist, adam, is here. good morning. >> this is snow and not the sleet that we experienced last night. feel free to step outside and take a measurement for me. call it in here or e-mail me. let me know what the measurement is in your area. areas of light snow, especially the 270 corridor. it fades away after urbana. in virginia, about 66 from marshall into the beltway. temperatures are in the 20's.
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this should taper off this morning in a gradual clearing. high temperature in the mid 30's. it is kind of breezy out of there. we go from the low to mid 30's today to mid 40's tomorrow. a rain event friday with heavy rain showers friday afternoon. lisa, i assume it is a slow go. yes, it is. they are almost finished with an accident on the beltway near connecticut ave. a tractor-trailer on its side. they put it up right and then the plane to the right is blocked. that is better. -- the lane to the right is blocked. that is better. traffic is getting through on the inner loop and the beltway. be careful. you will not have a full
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complement of lanes and get, because of the light volume of traffic. it is like a frozen precipitation out on the highway right now. crews are out very busy. this is the crash on 395. we have had numerous ones. on van doren street, an accident in virginia. a lot of accidents out there already this morning. back to the news desk. a long commute. thanks for that. we are on storm watch. freezing rain hit the region overnight. >> crews aren't working around the clock to clear the roads for your morning commute. -- are working around the clock to clear the roads for your morning commute. >> right now we have the snow coming down that adams talks about. i want to get right to what lisa was speaking about, that is the accident we are seeing off of 395. one of the accidents occurred
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moments ago. we have quite a bit of snow, sleet, a wintry mix on the road. it is very slick. arlington and alexandria across several areas and here in virginia -- a layer of snow and sleet on the roadway. it is making for a very slippery mess for you as you are coming in during your morning commute. please be careful. major roadways -- when i was coming in to work this morning, it was very slippery on the the chief of the parkway -- bw parkway. you want to be careful. the side streets specifically, quite a mess, it is slow going, that is your best bet so far. we are live in arlington this morning. abc 7 news. our news coverage continues in college park with pam.
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>> we have seen a lot of salt trucks out this morning cleaning -- treating the roads. on the main stretch, it is improving. the side roads are still very dicey this morning. it is a slippery mess this morning. you want to take it easy. the weather conditions have caused a number of accidents. maryland state police say a tractor-trailer roll over on the inner loop on the beltway between connecticut ave. we are told a another car was involved. the driver of that car did not suffer any injuries. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. cars have been going too fast with these road conditions. take it easy, and we will keep posted throughout the morning. reporting live in college park,
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abc 7 news. pepco under fire for its handling of a recent storm, but this time, they say they are ready. they have reached out to other contractors for help. so far they and other power companies are reporting some outages. coming up later, a check on the deadly winter storms still counting parts of the midwest into the northeast. for weather updates in traffic updates at the same time, you can log on s this is a special edition of "good morning washington." the demand for democracy in libya. there are growing protests for new leadership. and more flights at a rate in airports -- reagan airport
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>>, welcome back to "good morning washington." lisa is working hard on the traffic situation. with the weather situation, we are looking at traffic. >> it is going to be a mess for people driving trying to get to work. we will check in with adam and alisa as we survey the scene. >> we are still seeing a few aerias -- areas with some light snow. i do not think accumulations were as high as anticipated. we have closings and delays at the top of your screen. prince william county closed their schools.
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let us take a look at our radar. light snow is pushing through the region, and especially in baltimore and anne arundel county. pushing into north and south arlington. some light snow pushing into the south, manassas and del city. -- dale city. we are around 20 degrees with high temperatures in the mid 30's this afternoon. tomorrow around 40 degrees. and 50 near thursday. rainshowers by friday. that is your forecast. let's go back to lisa. snow and sleet cover the roads. that is true. a very slippery. we have had a crash four hours
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on the inner loop connecticut ave. a tractor-trailer has been up credit. -- uprighted. here is what you can expect if you are getting ready to leave. plenty of snow has blanketed the roadway. it is that freezing kind on the highway. be careful, especially making exits on ramps and the intersections. some slush built up in between the lanes. we are concerned with the conditions of the road. there was a crash 10 minutes ago on 395. that crash has been removed. we are going back to the news desk. >> thanks. 4:11 is your time.
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the earth shakes under new zealand and more violent riots. the earth shakes under new zealand and more violent riots.
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>> good morning, once again. the latest winter storm has dumped us 5 inches of snow in some parts of our viewing area. there are some school closings in delays. here is a list. some parts of virginia county, the schools are closed. some government agencies are open. >> we will have those at the top and bottom of the screen all morning long. people to the north of the metro area are affected. >> we are joined from frederick with the latest details there. good morning.
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>> good morning. the snow is still coming down. the farther north we travel to get here, the worse the road conditions are. we are on the side of interstate 270. sections of the road have been treated, others have not. there are still some crowding conditions. some crews are focusing on the southbound lanes, and for the community -- commuters that have to head south. the side roads are where the major problems are. at this point, they have not had a chance to get to any of those roads yet. they are completely snow- covered. people are slipping and sliding. the transportation authority says they have 1600 pieces of equipment out this morning to get the roads as clear as possible. they were not able to pre-treat the roads. it seems the road conditions
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could get worse. they are working as quickly as possible to clear the roadways. abc 7 news. a pedestrian is recovering after being struck by a car in tysons corner. this happened about 9:30 last night on cambridge road. the victim's injuries are not considered life-threatening. police shut down the intersection at international road while they are investigating the accident. the winter storm moving through our area causing commotion in the northeast end without conditions there. a foot of snow fell in some parts of minnesota and wisconsin. it knocked out power to thousands of people and is blamed for numerous accidents. it comes just after we saw a touch of spring around the country. >> just like that. you put your bathing suit on and ride back to the warm clothes. >> do not put those warm clothes
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away just yet. this storm is the first of several of storms that will come. spring has not sprung just yet. >> this morning's snow could cause problems at the airport. reagan national, dulles international, and bwi -- the crews are working to clear the snow. there may be delays. check with your airline before you go to the airport. we will have another check on traffic, the, the weather, and school closings. let's check some of our other top stories this morning. the prime minister of new zealand says 65 people died when a powerful earthquake hit a city. the 6.3 quake toppled buildings and very vehicles under debris. it has been declared a state of emergency.
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it has been five months since an earthquake hit that city. a man says he is still in charge and has not left the country. there have been violent protests in the capital of libya. some are requesting political asylum after they left a mob of protesters. more than 200 demonstrators have died so far. back here at home, in manassas man is accused of -month-old-boy. investigators have not disclosed the extent of the boy's injuries. the suspect is being held without bond. officials delayed the opening of one even when they
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realize the weather would prevent the kids from doing their last minute work. it is 4:19 on this very early tuesday morning. coming up a little bit later, white flights at reagan national does not fly with the airport's neighbors -- why additional flights at reagan national does not fly with the airport's neighbors. >> we will be back in just a moment.
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>> welcome back. 4:21 now, a check on whether and traffic. atom is standing by with the latest. -- adam is standing by with the latest. >> viewers, send out your
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totals. let us know what you have got. e-mail me or hit me up on facebook. or twitter. this is in northern carroll county. almost along the pennsylvania line there. frederick, 3.5. overall, as we get more updates, i will discuss them. i do not think we will see high numbers on the higher range of our forecast. i think it will mainly be on the lower end. dale city, a little bit in fairfax county, white snow pushing out. in northern charles county in prince george's county -- and prince george's county, we are
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still getting some snow. we will have gradual clearing throughout the day. 32 in fredericksburg. 28 downtown. here is our forecast for today. temperatures will slowly rise into the low to mid 30's. some melting going on. it will freeze again later on tonight. it will be a cold night. i am expecting temperatures to be down in the teens. about 20 degrees by this time tomorrow morning. warmer tomorrow around 40 degrees. increasing cloud on thursday. friday, a system will move through our region. we will have areas of moderate to heavy rain showers.
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it should clear up saturday. an unsettled pattern on sunday and monday into next week. that is it for the weather. lisa, we could not pre-treat the roads because of the rain. that is true. they are spreading a lot of chemicals right now. if you are heading out in the next few moments, be very careful. heel areas, following we'l tracks. it is dangerous on overpasses. be very careful. we had a longstanding crash on the intersection of connecticut avenue, that is now on the shoulder. on this camera, traffic on the right on the way to a new rack. the outer loop near the george washington parkway, it is just a side of the american lincoln bridge. we will keep an eye on this. what else are they working?
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not much of anything. a broken down vehicle was moved to the shoulder in one area. back to the news desk. we do have some school closings to update you on. take a look at the list before we go to break. manassas city closed, prince william county schools are closed and the federal government is open
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>> will come back, everybody. looking at the -- welcome back, everybody. a man on trial today. last march, a dump truck collided with a jaguar. as the vehicles merge onto i- 95, police had to fire several shots at the track. the man faces several charges,
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one being attempted murder. a chief executive and a team of cabinet members are looking at the the opening form. voters in chicago will pick a new mayor. rahm emanuel has been campaigning to replace richard daley. the candidates with the most votes will face off in an election, unless someone gets less than 50% of that a boat today. -- vots today. there is concern that more flights could mean more noise for local residents and the reagan national. >> i have kind of gotten used to it. >> i like this airport.
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it is convenient. i think it would be wonderful. i kind of agree with the politicians. >> the proposal to add more flights still needs more approval from the house of representatives. you would expect they would want that as well. we do not want it to get crowded. there is a lot more still ahead in the next half hour. is it the last stand for old man winter? snow, sleet, freezing rain. a powerful earthquake leaves a path of death and destruction in new zealand. and the campaign road for rahm emanuel. "good morning washington" at 4:30 begins right now. 4:30 begins right now.


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